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The need to provide home care to family members rendered dependent by accidents or age-related conditions is a reality brought about by declining mortality rates and increased life expectancy, two indicators closely related to a country’s level of development.
However, it is well known that caring for someone who is no longer self-sufficient is a major commitment that requires constant dedication and considerable energy.
Employing effective technological aids is thus emerging as an indispensable choice for the peace-of-mind and wellbeing of the entire family unit.
But there is another requirement—just as important as technical functionality—that we have taken into account: creating a CE-marked medical device for home use that can improve older people's quality of life without disrupting the home atmosphere. The result? A safe, dependable, easy-to-use product with strong aesthetic appeal.
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Much like the embrace from which it derives its name, the Abbraccio bed protects and provides support and security in all circumstances, responding to every need: from the characteristic comfort offered by a bed that can convert into a chair, to the sturdy frame and ergonomic siderails which ensure safety in confronting any situation or challenge that may arise in taking care of those who are bedridden.
The Abbraccio's frame, manufactured in accordance with the strictest safety protocols, has been tested to ensure it can easily support a capacity of up to 175 kg.
Our system enhances patient safety by preventing accidental release of the siderails, which require the use of both hands to be unlocked and thereby protect operator safety.
The siderail is available in painted aluminium or wood finish, with large rounded edges. It guarantees sturdiness, light weight, and easy sanitisation. The optional semi-transparent plastic insert prevents accidental insertion of limbs between the two rails.
ABBRACCIO is equipped with a safety system that prevents improper or accidental activation of the electric motors.


The Abbraccio bed has been subjected to testing at CATAS in Udine. In addition to the workload test, it has undergone a stability test, which is most important for its intended use. The stability test ensures that the bed, even under very consistent force levels, will not change its position, thus eliminating the risk of overturning.
Abbraccio's design concept, resulting from many years' experience in the manufacture of hospital furniture, facilitates both environmental hygiene and the sanitisation of the bed itself. Maintaining Abbraccio’s full efficiency is easy; a few simple maintenance measures guarantee its functionality. Abbraccio has also been designed with transport and installation in mind, accommodating any domestic environment; it is equipped with practical mechanisms which reduce its overall dimensions.


Abbraccio’s many adjustment settings make it possible both to meet assistance and care needs more easily and to help bedridden people interact with the family environment in a positive way.
Watching television, reading, conversing, carrying out small manual tasks: these are all activities that Abbraccio makes possible by improving older people’s quality of life and fostering close relationships with loved ones.
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