Standard Abbraccio Bed

Home care hospital bed

Offering assistance at home to relations who need care as a result of accidents or senile diseases is a circumstance that arises from increased life span and life expectancy.
Both indicators are closely associated with the industrial progress of a country. However, it is a known fact that caring for a person who is not self-sufficient is a demanding commitment that requires constant dedication and a lot of energy.
Adopting effective technological devices is, therefore, essential for the wellbeing and peace of mind of the whole family. However, there is an additional need that is as important as technical and functional ones, and we must take it into account, namely the importance of creating a CE marked medical device for domestic use that can improve the elderly person’s quality of life without disrupting the domestic atmosphere.
The outcome is a safe, decisive product that is easy to manage, and which possesses a powerful aesthetic personality.Abbraccio Bed Alzheimer
Help for caregivers
Lifting, moving, changing the position of the assisted person can become an insurmountable task. This is Abbraccio’s second essential objective, to provide a simple and effective medical device that reduces the effort and restores an important degree of calmness in people who are committed to caring for a relation.
There is another burden, besides the psychological one, which the caregiver of a person in difficulty is called to face, specifically that, without effective help, every movement – even the simplest – becomes difficult and even impossible to perform.
ABBRACCIO has a safety system that prevents improper or unintentional activation of electric motors.
Letto abbraccio standard: altezza minima 40 cm
Minimum height 40 cm
Letto abbraccio standard: altezza massima 80 cm
Maximum height 80 cm
Letto abbraccio standard: posizione trendelemburg
Trendelenburg position
Comfort and wellbeing
The many adjustment options offered by Abbraccio allow to both easily addressing caregiving requirements and help the person who is confined to bed to interact positively with the family environment. Watching TV, reading, conversing and performing small manual tasks are enabled by Abbraccio, thus improving the elderly person’s quality of life and encouraging affective relations with dear ones.


Regolazione elettrica schienale
Electric adjustment of the back
Regolazione elettrica gambale
Electric adjustment of the leg section
Regolazione elettrica posizione poltrona
Electric adjustment of the armchair position
Safety in the first place
Like an embrace, the bed Abbraccio protects, supports and ensures safety in every circumstance, meeting all requirements, from the typical comfort of a bed that can be converted into an armchair, to the safety ensured by the solid structure and ergonomic bed rails in every situation or difficulty created by the bedridden person.
Abbraccio’s frame, which is constructed in compliance with the most rigorous safety protocols, has been tested to easily support workloads up to 175 kg.
Affection and wellbeing have never been so safe.

against accidental unfastening

Our system prevents the bed rail from being unintentionally unfastened to ensure patient safety. It also requires two hands to unfasten it, thus enhancing the operator’s safety.

Bed rail

Bed rail in painted aluminium or wood finish, with broad radius, guarantees resistance, lightness and easy sanification.
The optional semi-transparent plastic insert prevents accidental insertion of limbs between the two bed rails.

safety system

ABBRACCIO has a safety system that prevents improper or unintentional activation of electric motors.
A safe and effective product, easy to use and maintain
UNI CEI 60601-2-52:2010
Besides the workload test, Abbraccio has been submitted to the stability test*, the most important one, considering the purpose of use. The stability test ensures that the bed will
not change its position even if it is submitted to very intense forces, thus cancelling the risk
of overturning.
* Tests performed at the CATAS, Udine

Hygiene and sanification

Abbraccio’s design concept, which issues from long-standing experience developed creating hospital furnishings, facilitates both environmental hygiene and sanification of the bed itself.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining Abbraccio in a perfectly efficient status is easy. Few, simple maintenance rules will ensure its function.

Easy transport

Abbraccio has been designed also considering its transport to and installation in every domestic environment. The convenient mechanisms fitted on the bed allow to reduce the overall bulk of
the dimensions.
Technical Info