Kedos Bed

Letto ospedaliero Kedos

The ideal aid for personnel

Like any evolved hospital bed, the Kedos bed also fulfils the requirements of two equally important categories of users: the patient on one hand, and medical personnel on the other. Two different types of users, whose needs have been carefully analysed during the definition of design criteria. the patient’s well-being also depends on the working conditions that the person assisting him has to deal with. In this sense, Kedos has proved that it is the ideal support, and that it makes medical personnel’s work easier, contributing to improving the overall quality of care.
From research to design
It is well known that form and function are the intrinsic elements that characterise each industrial design project. When we made Kedos, one of the most important functional issues of the whole creative process was our study of how bed sides are supposed to move. The sides, with their flowing movement that has to be perfectly safe, are vital elements that transform the bed into an actual “therapeutic aid”, a tool to use in situations of care and assistance. The study of their movement has allowed us to reach an important conclusion: combining functionality with the original mark of strong aesthetics.
Sustainable design for the global market
During the design phase, the issues of ecology and sustainability have played an extremely important role. Our goal was to make a product that met the requirements of the the most selective standards regulating ecology and recycling. Through Kedos, Missaglia has created a project that is totally “made in Italy” and ideal for new global markets.
The materials – recycled aluminium, recycled steel, recycled plastic – were chosen both to reduce environmental impact to a minimum and to ensure that the product had the highest wear resistance. As a result, these products have a very long life cycle, when they are no longer usable, they can be easily disassembled and the materials can be recovered.
Posizione visita
Examination position
Posizione discesa
Descent position
Posizione trendelenburg
Trendelenburg position
Posizione poltrona terapeutica
Therapeutic armchair position
Posizione antitrendelenburg
Antitrendelenburg position
Posizione autocontour
Autocontour position

Form, function and quality

Industrial design is a method that allows us to combine apparently opposing goals: functionality and aesthetics in form; durability along with safe operation; ergonomics combined with environmental and economic sustainability.
Beautiful products too, because they are well designed and well made to make doctors’ and paramedics’ jobs easier and also bring comfort to patients.
CPR rapid release. CPR rapid release.

Easily identified handle, positioned on both sides, accessible with the bed in any position, even with the sides down.

Removable head Removable head

Head and foot boards easily removable for emergency purposes, by lifting the specific levers.

backrest and leg rest backrest and leg rest

The movement of the backrest and leg rest is fundamental for preventing abdominal compression.

Bed extension Bed extension

Another important design feature of Kedos is the flexibility that allows it to be customised on many different levels.
This how well-being and comfort are ensured for every patient.

adjustments adjustments

Kedos has many different adjustments that allow it to easily fit therapeutic and assistance needs, and help the person using bed to interact positively with his or her environment. This last factor helps improve the quality of life of patients during the entire hospital stay.

Maintenance Maintenance

Each part requiring ordinary maintenance has been placed in the most rational position, to provide simple and immediate access to components that require maintenance.

Optimal Mobilisation Optimal Mobilisation

Mobilising bedridden patients is an important and serious activity. The special technical solutions that Kedos offers make it easier to lift patients, thus helping healthcare workers do their jobs.

Easy sanitization Easy sanitization

One of the most important criteria agreed on during the design phase was that the product had to be easy to clean and sanitize. The accurate design of Kedos with its curved lines and absence of corners, also responds to this need.

Safety Safety

This is the first and most important thing: guaranteeing the patient’s safety regardless of his/her health conditions and level of awareness. To this regard, Kedos conforms to the UNI CEI 60601-2-52:2010 safety standard.

signal light signal light

Kedos is equipped with a special optional signal light that projects a red or green light on the floor.

Tailor made Tailor made

In addition to the standard configuration, Kedos is available with a vast range of custom options.

Colour range Colour range

Designing Kedos also included the study of colours, conducted in the same way as research on effects of colour combinations on the human psyche. Colour codes for the Kedos collection were chosen for the sense of serenity and balance that they convey.


Outfitting A B C D TAILOR MADE
Electrical bed with 4 sections, of which 3 jointed and 1 fixed (central) X X X X X
Variable height X X X X X
Backrest with leg rest with movement X X X X X
Integrated extension X X X X X
Sides Folding bed sides Segmented sides Segmented sides Segmented sides On request
Commands 10-button panel with key 10-button panel with key 10-button panel with key Supervisor 10-button panel with key Supervisor On request
Wheels Single wheels Ø 125, blockable
simultaneously with direction control
Single wheels Ø 125, blockable
simultaneously with direction control
Single wheels Ø 125, blockable
simultaneously with direction control
Single wheels Ø 125, blockable
simultaneously with direction control
On request
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