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Interview with Silvio Missaglia
Missaglia Spa is a company with a strong family imprint.
Founded in 1926, it is the result of the commitment and passion of three generations who have always been at the corporate helm.
Missaglia handles the design, production and assistance for furnishings for hospitals and long-term care facilities.
Over time, Missaglia has gained a vast amount o knowledge about the needs of people and those who take care of them, thanks to the experience in designing and producing furniture for hospitals and long-term care facilities.
These situations require design solutions and tools able to ensure functionality, comfort, quality and duration, in such away as to guarantee the wellbeing of people who need care while also facilitating the work of healthcare personnel.


Responsible corporate management: first an entrepreneurial choice and then an ethical decision. We work to ensure the wellbeing and care of people in compliance with principles of social and environmental sustainability.
There are many ways of competing and running a company. Missaglia has made social and environmental sustainability its distinctive feature, the sign that characterises its operating mode on the market.
For Missaglia, social and environmental responsibility means complying with international safety standards for products, making environment-friendly choices of materials and production processes, ensuring continuity for client companies, and protecting employees and professional resources that, through their commitment, contribute towards the success of the company.
An entrepreneurial calling that has witnessed the commitment and passion of three generations since 1926.



Our company was founded almost a century ago, in 1926, by Silvio Missaglia. He and his brothers opened the “Fratelli Missaglia fabbrica mobili metallici e arredamenti ospedalieri” in Lissone, which produced metal furniture for hospitals and other venues.

In 1960, Silvio Missaglia continues the entrepreneurial and production business by setting up the company “Silvio Missaglia & Figli s.a.s.” with his children.
The company changes its name to “Missaglia S.p.A.”
In 1994 Missaglia created the “Cesas Consorzio”, a specialised consortium that works in the Health and Healthcare sector. In 1999, Cesas Consorzio uses project financing to build the RSA Corte Briantea long-term care facility, and undertakes the management. Corte Briantea has been open since 2001 in Muggiò (MI).
In 2000, Ceima was created. The new company used project financing to purchase to set up the MRI service at the Vimercate Hospital (MI) and undertook management. In 2003 in memory of the founder of “Fratelli Missaglia”, the non-profit organisation “Silvio Missaglia Onlus” was founded to promote scientific research dedicated to the elderly. In 2005 the long-term care facility “Residenze Saccardo S.p.A.” in Milan was set up by Missaglia S.p.A.
We continue to handle research and design of furniture and systems for hospitals and long-term care facilities. These objects are designed to contribute to the patients’ wellbeing and facilitate assistance by medical and paramedical personnel.


  • The first time I walked into the room with two beds, I marvelled at the light and serenity of that room. My mother, who has changed dramatically owing to age and illness, did not seem to be staying in a hospital room. I am sure that being in such a pleasant, tranquil environment has helped my mother to not get depressed and continue to fight to get well.

  • Everything became terribly complicated in a short amount of time. My father, a strong, robust elderly man who loved sports and was used to living by himself, broke his femur in a stupid way - he slipped and fell in the bathtub. None of our family had accepted the idea of long-term care. Stubborn and used to being independent, he would never have accepted it, because he saw it as unbearable humiliation: to be cared for by strangers in a strange place. Then we discovered the Abbraccio, this motorised bed with incredible functions. It saved his life and ... ours as well. My gruff and unshakeable dad is now on his way to recovery, surrounded by his grandchildren and the affection of his inseparable but very large hunting dog....

  • The modern hospital is what I would call a “complex factory”. We produce health by intervening on the most fragile of people: the patients and their relatives. We do it every day, 365 days a year. At this “complex factory”, everything has to work properly, without problems, for a long period of uninterrupted activity. We consider the furnishings of an evolved hospital, the patient rooms, and their beds in particular: The quality of our work and that of nursing professionals depends on the functionality and efficiency of these tools. A hospital bed that works like a Swiss watch really makes a difference.


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